_____ artwork is connected to, but remains independent of. the document and results in a smaller document. But, _____ artwork is copied into the document at full resolution and results into a larger document.

Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test Answers 2021
  • Linked. Embedded
  • Exported, Embedded
  • Embedded, Linked
  • Embedded, Saved

An artistic production of aesthetic value is referred to as a work of art, artwork,[1] art piece, piece of art, or art object. These words apply primarily to concrete, physical types of visual art, with the exception of “work of art,” which may refer to any work known as art in its broadest sense, including works from literature and music.
A painting or sculpture is an example of fine art. A piece of jewelry, for example, that has been made especially for its aesthetic appeal.
An item that has been produced for both decorative and practical purposes, such as in interior design and a lot of folk art.

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