Advanced Problems on Application of Laplace Transform-1 MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Network Theory

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Advanced Problems on Application of Laplace Transform-1″.

1. A network has two branches in parallel. One branch contains impedance Za and the other branch has impedance Zb. If it is fed from an AC voltage V of frequency f, the current through Za depends, on which of the following?
a) V, Za, Zb
b) V, Za
c) Za, Zb
d) V, Za, f

2. Two coils having self-inductances of 1 mH and 2 mH are mutually coupled. The maximum possible mutual inductance is ___________
a) 1.414 mH
b) 2 mH
c) 1 mH
d) 5.5 mH

3. The resistance of a 230 V, 100 W lamp is ____________
a) 529 Ω
b) 2300 Ω
c) 5290 Ω
d) 23 Ω

4. A constant k band pass filter has a pass band from 100 to 400 Hz. The resonant frequency of series and shunt arms is ____________
a) 300 Hz
b) 250 Hz
c) 200 Hz
d) 150 Hz

5. In an unloaded transformer, the flux limiting the primary is 10 mWb and secondary is 30 mWb. The coefficient of coupling is ____________
a) 1
b) 0.1
c) 0.33
d) 0.67

6. In a two terminals network the open circuit voltage measured at the given terminals is 110 V and short circuit currents at the same terminals 10 A. If a load of 50 Ω resistance is connected at the terminals, load current is ___________
a) 1.8 A
b) 1.25 A
c) 6 A
d) 6.25 A

7. An RLC series circuit has Q = 100 and ω0 = 20 rad/sec. The bandwidth is ____________
a) 0.2 rad/sec
b) 2 rad/sec
c) 20 rad/sec
d) 2000 rad/sec

8. Poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and alternate on jω axis. The network consists of ___________
a) R and C
b) L and C
c) R and L
d) R, L and C

9. A coil has resistance R and inductance L. At ω = ∞ the phase angle between voltage and current is _____________
a) 0°
b) 180°
c) 45°
d) 90°

10. Two similar coils have self-inductance of 20 mH each. Coefficient of coupling is 0.4. The mutual inductance M is ______________
a) 2.5 mH
b) 8 mH
c) 7 mH
d) 1 mH

11. The Current Transformer supplies current to the current coil of a power factor meter, energy meter and, an ammeter. These are connected as?
a) All coils in parallel
b) All coils in series
c) Series-parallel connection with two in each arm
d) Series-parallel connection with one in each arm

12. An RLC series circuit has R = 7.07 Ω, L = .707 H and C = 7.07 μF. At Half power frequencies the circuit impedance is ___________
a) 7.07 Ω
b) 10 Ω
c) 14.14 Ω
d) 20 Ω

13. For any given signal, average power in its 8 harmonic components as 50 mW each and fundamental component also has 50 mV power. Then, average power in the periodic signal is _______________
a) 750
b) 400
c) 100
d) 50

14. A CRO probe has an impedance of 500 kΩ in parallel with a capacitance of 10 pF. The probe is used to measure the voltage between P and Q as shown in the figure. The measured voltage will be?


a) 3.53 V
b) 3.47 V
c) 5.54 V
d) 7.00 V

15. M(t) = 2, 0≤t<4;
t2, t≥4;
The Laplace transform of W (t) is ___________
a) 2s–e−4s(2s3–8s2–14s)
b) 2s+e−4s(2s3–8s2–14s)
c) 2s–e−4s(2s3+8s2+14s)
d) 2s+e−4s(2s3+8s2+14s)

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