ARM architecture-1 MCQ’s

Computer Architecture Electronics & Communication Engineering

This set of Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “ARM architecture-1″.

1. The main importance of ARM micro-processors is providing operation with ______
a) Low cost and low power consumption
b) Higher degree of multi-tasking
c) Lower error or glitches
d) Efficient memory management

2. ARM processors where basically designed for _______
a) Main frame systems
b) Distributed systems
c) Mobile systems
d) Super computers

3. ARM stands for _____________
a) Advanced Rate Machines
b) Advanced RISC Machines
c) Artificial Running Machines
d) Aviary Running Machines

4. The ARM processors don’t support Byte addressability.
a) True
b) False

5. The address system supported by ARM systems is/are ___________
a) Little Endian
b) Big Endian
c) X-Little Endian
d) Both Little & Big Endian

6. RISC stands for _________
a) Restricted Instruction Sequencing Computer
b) Restricted Instruction Sequential Compiler
c) Reduced Instruction Set Computer
d) Reduced Induction Set Computer

7. The address space in ARM is ___________
a) 224
b) 264
c) 216
d) 232

8. Memory can be accessed in ARM systems by __________ instructions.
i) Store
ii) MOVE
iii) Load
iv) arithmetic
v) logical
a) i, ii, iii
b) i, ii
c) i, iv, v
d) iii, iv, v

9. In the ARM, PC is implemented using ___________
a) Caches
b) Heaps
c) General purpose register
d) Stack

10. The banked registers are used for ______
a) Switching between supervisor and interrupt mode
b) Extended storing
c) Same as other general purpose registers
d) None of the mentioned

11. All instructions in ARM are conditionally executed.
a) True
b) False

12. The additional duplicate register used in ARM machines are called as _______
a) Copied-registers
b) Banked registers
c) EXtra registers
d) Extential registers

13. Each instruction in ARM machines is encoded into __________ Word.
a) 2 byte
b) 3 byte
c) 4 byte
d) 8 byte

14. The addressing mode where the EA of the operand is the contents of Rn is ______
a) Pre-indexed mode
b) Pre-indexed with write back mode
c) Post-indexed mode
d) None of the mentioned

15. The effective address of the instruction written in Post-indexed mode, MOVE[Rn]+Rm is _______
a) EA = [Rn]
b) EA = [Rn + Rm]
c) EA = [Rn] + Rm
d) EA = [Rm] + Rn

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