Clusters MCQ’s

Computer Architecture Electronics & Communication Engineering

This set of Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Clusters”.

1. Each computer in a cluster is connected using __________
a) UTP
b) Rj-45
c) STP
d) Coaxial cable

2. The computer cluster architecture emerged as a result of _________
a) ISA
b) Workstation
c) Super computers
d) Distributed systems

3. The set of loosely connected computers are called as __________
a) LAN
b) WAN
c) Workstation
d) Cluster

4. The software which governs the group of computers is __________
a) Driver Rd45
b) Interface UI
c) Clustering middleware
d) Distributor

5. The cluster formation in which the work is divided equally among the systems is ______
a) Load-configuration
b) Load-Division
c) Light head
d) Both Load-configuration and Load-Division

6. The beowolf structure follows the __________ approach of a relationship between the systems.
a) Master-slave
b) Asynchronous
c) Synchronous
d) Isochronous

7. The simplest form of a cluster is __________ approach.
a) Beowolf
b) Sequoia
c) Stone
d) None of the mentioned

8. In the client server model of the cluster _________ approach is used.
a) Load configuration
c) Bankers algorithm
d) Round robin

9. The most common modes of communication in clusters are ______
a) Message queues
b) Message passing interface
c) PVm
d) Both Message passing interface and PVm

10. The method followed in case of node failure, wherein the node gets disabled is _________
b) Fibre channel
c) Fencing
d) None of the mentioned

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