Community building on LinkedIn by organizations with LinkedIn Pages can be grouped into three main categories:

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(A) Hosting Live networking events with LinkedIn Live, coordinating in-person events with LinkedIn’s Invites feature and publishing industry relevant blog articles.

(B) Building LinkedIn Groups, leveraging the ‘Threads’ feature in Direct Messages, and hosting Live networking events with LinkedIn Live.

(C)Using targeted advertising to boost Likes on your published content, interacting in the comments section of content published by your competitors, publishing Thought Leadership pieces in the LinkedIn Blog.

(D) Establishing an employee network, growing followers of your LinkedIn Page, and building active LinkedIn Groups.




LinkedIn allows users (both employees and employers) to build profiles and “connect” with one another in an online social network that can possibly contain professional relationships. Members may invite others to become a “link,” whether or not they are already a member. Recruitment agencies and salesmen are among the participants. It has been a majority owner of Microsoft since December 2016. LinkedIn had 740 million registered members from 150 countries as of February 2021.




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