Current to Voltage Converter MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Linear Integrated Circuits

This set of Linear Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Current to Voltage Converter”.

1. Determine the maximum value of output current of the DAC in MC1408?
a) 0.773×(Vref/R1)
b) 0.448×(Vref/R1)
c) 0.996×(Vref/R1)
d) 0.224×(Vref/R1)

2. Determine the range or the output voltage?

Determine the range or the output voltage from given circuit

a) 0 – 2.51v
b) 0 – 2.22v
c) 0 – 3.74v
d) 0 – 4.93v

3. The output current equation for MC1408 digital to analog converter would be
a) Io= -(Vref/R1)×[(D7/2)+(D6/4)+(D5/8)+(D4/16)+(D3/32)+(D2/64)+(D1/128)+(D0/256)].
b) Io= (Vref/2R1)×[(D7/2)+(D6/4)+(D5/8)+(D4/16)+(D3/32)+(D2/64)+(D1/128)+(D0/256)].
c) Io= (Vref/R1)×[(D7/2)+(D6/4)+(D5/8)+(D4/16)+(D3/32)+(D2/64)+(D1/128)+(D0/256)].
d) Io= -(Vref/2R1)×[(D7/2)+(D6/4)+(D5/8)+(D4/16)+(D3/32)+(D2/64)+(D1/128)+(D0/256)].

4. Calculate the change in the output voltage if the photocell is exposed to light of 0.61lux from a dark condition. Specification: Assume that the op-amp is initially nulled, Minimum dark resistance = 100kΩ and resistance when illuminated (at 0.61lux) = 1.5kΩ.

Calculate the change in the output voltage if the photocell is exposed to given light value

a) Vo –> 23v to 50v
b) Vo –> 0v to 33.11v
c) Vo –> -1.653v to 8.987v
d) Vo –> -0.176v to -11.73v

5. If the input applied to DAC using current to voltage converter is 10110100, determine the reference voltage (Assume Io= 2mA and R1=1.2kΩ)
a) 53.1v
b) 3.41v
c) 9.21v
d) 67.34v

6. For a full wave rectification, in a low voltage ac voltmeter, the meter current can be expressed as
a) Io = (1.9×Vin)/R1
b) Io = (3.9×Vin)/R1
c) Io = (0.9×Vin)/R1
d) Io = (2.9×Vin)/R1

7. Which cell can be used instead of a photocell to obtain active transducer in photosensitive devices?
a) Photovoltaic cell
b) Photo diode
c) Photo sensor
d) All of the mentioned

8. The current to voltage converter photosensitive device can be used as
a) Light intensity meter
b) Light radiating meter
c) Light deposition meter
d) None of the mentioned

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