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Dentons Verbal Test of Motivation

Dentons seek highly vocal workers. Before a job is given, applicants must pass a speech exam.

Dentons verbal justification tests

For Dentons, verbal reasoning exams provide a fair and objective method to evaluate a broad variety of candidates with varied experience and credentials. Dentons can rapidly determine which applicants are fit for their position and which are not by analyzing the results of a typical verbal reasoning exam. This kind of information regarding the abilities of applicants may be difficult to get through interviews and skills alone.

Dentons will often require candidates to take a spoken online exam that you may take home. If you apply for the verbal exam early on, you will need to obtain a minimum score before you go to the next stage (typically a score in the top 50 percent of applicants is required however this does vary from role to role). In the process of selection, you may be requested to visit an assessment center or an interview in which a verbal test is asked to take place again. Dentons can thus verify that the individual who has highly tested is the one who applies for the position.

Stages of the Dentons application process

This is the usual procedure for your Dentons application.

Application Stage 1

The whole application procedure varies according to the Dentons area to which you apply. Some of the steps may not be applicable and some may occur in another order. However, you will all need to complete a form.

Stage 2 Critical Thinking Exercise online aptitude test

Once your application has been evaluated and screened successfully, an online evaluation will be used. Again, each area operates according to its method, but you can anticipate participating in a critical thought exercise.

Video interview Stage 3

You will next be invited to participate in a video interview after passing the critical thinking exercise. Usually, a video interview gives you a list of questions to answer. You will next use the supplied program to record your answers to these questions. Answers usually take 30 seconds to a minute. Use the flexibility to prepare your answers properly, even if this means redoing the tape. You frequently have the chance to see and review the recording before it is sent. Make sure your responses are related to the questions you have posed.

Stage 4 Evaluation Centre

You will be called to the evaluation center for the last phase of the procedure and requested to take part in 3 exercises:

Business exercise and interview

Exercise in writing


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