File System Interface Access Methods – 1 MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Operating System

This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “File System Interface Access Methods – 1″.

1. File attributes consist of ____________
a) name
b) type
c) identifier
d) all of the mentioned

2. The information about all files is kept in ____________
a) swap space
b) operating system
c) seperate directory structure
d) none of the mentioned

3. Data cannot be written to secondary storage unless written within a ______
a) file
b) swap space
c) directory
d) text format

4. A file is a/an _______ data type.
a) abstract
b) primitive
c) public
d) private

5. In UNIX, what will the open system call return?
a) pointer to the entry in the open file table
b) pointer to the entry in the system wide table
c) a file to the process calling it
d) none of the mentioned

6. The open file table has a/an _______ associated with each file.
a) file content
b) file permission
c) open count
d) close count

7. The operating system keeps a small table containing information about all open files called ____________
a) system table
b) open-file table
c) file table
d) directory table

8. System wide table in UNIX contains process independent information such as ____________
a) location of file on disk
b) access dates
c) file size
d) all of the mentioned

9. Which of the following are the two parts of the file name?
a) name & identifier
b) identifier & type
c) extension & name
d) type & extension

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