File System Interface Access Methods – 2 MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Operating System

This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “File System Interface Access Methods – 2″.

1. The larger the block size, the ______ the internal fragmentation.
a) greater
b) lesser
c) same
d) none of the mentioned

2. In the sequential access method, information in the file is processed ____________
a) one disk after the other, record access doesnt matter
b) one record after the other
c) one text document after the other
d) none of the mentioned

3. The UNIX sytem uses a/an ________ stored at the beginning of a some files to indicate roughly the type of file.
a) identifier
b) extension
c) virtual number
d) magic number

4. Sequential access method ______ on random access devices.
a) works well
b) doesnt work well
c) maybe works well and doesnt work well
d) none of the mentioned

5. For a direct access file ____________
a) there are restrictions on the order of reading and writing
b) there are no restrictions on the order of reading and writing
c) access is restricted permission wise
d) access is not restricted permission wise

6. The index contains ____________
a) names of all contents of file
b) pointers to each page
c) pointers to the various blocks
d) all of the mentioned

7. The direct access method is based on a ______ model of a file, as _____ allow random access to any file block.
a) magnetic tape, magnetic tapes
b) tape, tapes
c) disk, disks
d) all of the mentioned

8. A relative block number is an index relative to ____________
a) the beginning of the file
b) the end of the file
c) the last written position in file
d) none of the mentioned

9. For large files, when the index itself becomes too large to be kept in memory?
a) index is called
b) an index is created for the index file
c) secondary index files are created
d) all of the mentioned

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