File System Interface Mounting and Sharing MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Operating System

This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “File System Interface Mounting and Sharing”.

1. When a file system is mounted over a directory that is not empty then _____________
a) the system may not allow the mount
b) the system must allow the mount
c) the system may allow the mount and the directory’s existing files will then be made obscure
d) all of the mentioned

2. In UNIX, exactly which operations can be executed by group members and other users is definable by _____________
a) the group’s head
b) the file’s owner
c) the file’s permissions
d) all of the mentioned

3. What is the mount point?
a) an empty directory at which the mounted file system will be attached
b) a location where every time file systems are mounted
c) is the time when the mounting is done
d) none of the mentioned

4. A process _____ lower the priority of another process if both are owned by the same owner.
a) must
b) can
c) cannot
d) none of the mentioned

5. In the world wide web, a ____ is needed to gain access to the remote files, and separate operations are used to transfer files.
a) laptop
b) plugin
c) browser
d) player

6. The machine containing the files is the _______ and the machine wanting to access the files is the ______
a) master, slave
b) memory, user
c) server, client
d) none of the mentioned

7. In distributed file system ________________ directories are visible from the local machine.
a) protected
b) local
c) private
d) remote

8. Anonymous access allows a user to transfer files _____________
a) without having an account on the remote system
b) only if he accesses the system with a guest account
c) only if he has an account on the remote system
d) none of the mentioned

9. Distributed naming services/Distributed information systems have been devised to _____________
a) provide information about all the systems
b) provide unified access to the information needed for remote computing
c) provide unique names to all systems in a network
d) all of the mentioned

10. To recover from failures in the network operations _____________ information may be maintained.
a) ip address
b) state
c) stateless
d) operating system

11. Domain name system provides _____________
a) host-name-to-network-address translations for the entire internet
b) network-address-to-host-name translations for the entire internet
c) binary to hex translations for the entire internet
d) all of the mentioned

12. The series of accesses between the open and close operations is a _____________
a) transaction
b) procedure
c) program
d) file session

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