Fiverr Content Writing Test Answers 2021 – Content Writing Skills Test Fiverr

Fiverr Content Writing Test Answers 2021 - Content Writing Skills Test Fiverr

A web page (also known as a webpage) is a compilation of content generated by a website and viewed in a web browser by a user. A website is usually made up of several web pages that are connected together in a logical manner. The term “web page” is a metaphor for a book made up of paper pages bound together. One or more text files written in the Hypertext Markup Language form the foundation of a web page (HTML). 1st For dynamic behaviour, several web pages use JavaScript code, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code for presentation semantics. WebAssembly executables can also be used to monitor the actions of parts of a page. Web pages also include images, videos, and other multimedia files.

Q1. From the sentences given below, select the one that is correct in all respects.


  • The new actor struck a cord with the viewers effortlessly.
  • My car breaks have stopped working. I need to get them repaired.
  • Before starting this exercise, insure that you have warmed up your body sufficiently well.
  • All the sentences are correct. – Correct Answer

Q2. None of the sentences is correct.

Which of the following is among the search engine optimization “best practices”?


  • a. Cross-linking
  • b. Cloaking
  • c. Keyword stuffing
  • d. Having unique content
  • e. All of the above – Correct Answer
  • f. None of the above


Q3. Identify the correct sentence construction from the following list of sentences.


  • The trapped miners families feared for the safety of their loved ones.
  • He was very anxious about his mother’s health, which was deteriorating with each passing day. – Correct Answers
  • Having slept through the day, the night didn’t seem to pass.
  • If they would have gone to the party, they would have had a lot of fun.


Q4.What results will Google generate for you if you type inurl:content writer in the search box?

  • It will show web pages containing the words”content writer” in the URL as well asweb pages containing either the word “content”or the word “writer” in the URL. – Correct
  • It will show web pages containing the words “content writer” in the URL.
  • It will show web pages containing the words “content writer” in the title.
  • It will show web pages containing the words “content writer” in the links to the page.


Q5. Consider the following sentence.

I have been busy in preparing for my final examination.

If you are asked to correct this sentence, which of the options given below will you choose?


  • I was busy in preparing for my final examination.
  • I am busy in preparing for my final examination.
  • I have been busy preparing for my final examination. – Correct Answer
  • The sentence needs no correction


Q6. Identify the MISSPELLED word/s in the following sentence.

The speaker’s main argument was that the ability to think wholistically was necessary to find a viable solution to the problem of illegal immigration.


  • argument
  • wholistically
  • immigration
  • All the above three words have been misspelled.
  • No word in the sentence has been misspelled. – Correct Answer


Q7. Bestboats is startup with the following inventory of products

Best Boats is a startup with the following inventory of products




a. A

b. B

c. C – Correct Answer

d. All copies will lead to similar results

Q8. A word which means the same as “Clever” is spelled as:


  • Ingenius
  • Ingeneous
  • Ingenious – Correct Answer
  • Ingineous


Q9. What is Anchor Text?


  • a. It is the main body of text on a particular webpage
  • b. It is the text within the left or top panel of a webpage
  • c. It is the visible text that is hyper linked to another page – Correct Answer
  • d. It is the most promment text on the page that the search engines use to assign a title to the page


Q10. Searching for “2010 OR 2011” (without quotes) in Google will show result pages that


  • a. Show both the years
  • b. Show either of the two years
  • c. Show pages with these arch term”2010 to 2011″
  • d. Shows either 2010 or 2011. or both 2010 and 2011 – Correct Answer


Q11. In the context of copyright, the phrase “exclusive right” means that:


  • the copyright holder is free to exercise the bundle of rights that come with the ownership of the copyright.
  • no one other than the copyright holder can use the work without the holder’s authorization under any circumstances.
  • Both a and b. – Correct Answer
  • Neither a nor b.


Q12. This question is based upon the figure shown below


In the image given above, you are given three incomplete sentences in Column I and three missing words in Column II Identify the sentence/s which has/have been correctly matched with the missing word/s in Column II

a. 1-i

b. 2-ii

c. 3-iii – Correct Answer

d. All of the above

Q13. Fill in the blanks with the correct pair of words.

Carl managed to ____________ the situation with his wit and tact even as everyone waited with ____________ breath to know the final outcome of the meeting between the rivals.


  • diffuse…baited
  • defuse…bated – Correct Answer
  • diffuse…bated
  • defuse…baited


Q14. Complete the following sentence with the correct combination of words.

Our lawyers have informed us that while the new tax laws will not __________ our business directly, they may have an adverse _________ on the spending power of our customers.


  • effect / affect
  • affect / affect
  • effect / effect
  • affect / effect – Correct Answer


Q15. Given below are some examples of sentences that must be avoided in formal writing.

I. All’s fair in love and war.

II. It’s not rocket science.

III. I’m not gonna talk to that guy again.

IV. Oh, he’s such a cool dude!

Select the answer options that correctly describe these sentences.


  • I and II are cliches. – Correct Answer
  • III and IV employ slang words. – Correct Answer
  • I and III contain oxymorons.
  • II and IV are colloquialisms.


Q16. Which of the following search operators lists web pages that are similar to the web page (URL) specified by you?


  • similar URL
  • related:URL – Correct Answer
  • like URL
  • site URL


Q17. Select the words which have been INCORRECTLY spelled.


  • Guaranty
  • Maintainance – Correct Ansewer
  • Dilemma
  • Indispensible – Correct Answer


Q18. What things should you bear in mind when writing something?


  • Your target audience.
  • Your purpose for writing.
  • The message you want to convey.
  • a and b
  • b and c
  • a, b and c – Correct Answer


Q19. Which of the following statements are correct with regard to the images within a webpage?


  • Images cannot be spidered by the search engines. – Correct
  • Important keywords related to the image should be placed in the ALT text. – Correct
  • Images should always be kept close to the top of a webpage.
  • Image maps should be used while including the images.


Q20. At what places in the sentence given below should commas be used?


  • There should be a comma after believes.
  • There should be a comma after novels and another one after believes. – Correct Answer
  • There should be a comma after novels.
  • No commas are required.


Q21. At what places in the sentence given below should commas be used?

Mark Twain’s novels she believes stand the test of time


  • a. There should be a comma after believes
  • b. There should be a comma after novels and another one after believes – Correct Answer
  • c. There should be a comma after novels
  • d. No commas are required


Q22. Searching for the phrase “Research Techniques Test” (within quotes) in the Google search box will yield:


  • Results excluding pages which have the phrase Research Techniques Test in the webpages.
  • Results including pages which contain exactly the same phrase, i.e., Research Techniques Test.
  • Results including pages which have the words Research, Techniques and Test in any order. – Correct Answer
  • Results including pages which have the words Research, Techniques and Test marked in bold.


Q23. This question contains three incomplete sentences numbered, I, II and III, and each of these sentences has two options to fill in their blanks. Identify the correct option for each sentence, and using the numbers denoting those options, select the answer that represents all the three correct options.

I. The president, together with his wife, _______________ (1. greets / 2. greet) the guests cordially.

II. Fifty dollars _______________ (1. is / 2. are) the price of that cell-phone.

III. Every one of those girls _______________ (1. study / 2. studies) in my school.


  • 1, 1, 2 – Correct Answer
  • 1, 2, 2
  • 2, 1, 2
  • 2, 2, 1


Q24. Given below are five sets of words each containing a correct spelling and an incorrect spelling of the words. Select those sets which have been arranged in the order Incorrect Spelling / Correct Spelling.


  • Vacillate / Vascillate
  • Weird / Wierd
  • Calandar / Calendar – Correct
  • Embarass / Embarrass – Correct
  • Accommodate / Accomodate


Q25. Consider the following sentences and select the appropriate answer from the options given thereafter.

Sentence 1: He was unhappy with his life inspite of all his success.

Sentence 2: He was unhappy with his life despite of all his success.


  • Sentence 1 is correct, but Sentence 2 is not.
  • Sentence 1 is incorrect, but Sentence 2 is correct.
  • Both sentences are correct. – Correct Answer
  • Both sentences are incorrect


Q26. Complete the following sentence with the correct answer option.

Having read the book, _______________.


  • the movie’s ending was known to me.
  • the ending of the movie was unsurprising to me.
  • I knew how the movie was going to end. – Correct Answer
  • Any of the above options can be used to complete the sentence.


Q27. Which of the following words has/have been spelled correctly?


  • Excercise
  • Millenium
  • Irresistable
  • Priviledge
  • All the words have been spelled correctly.
  • None of the words have been spelled correctly. – Correct Answer


Q28. A short introductory statement or passage in a published work, such as a book, is called a


  • foreword – Correct Answer
  • forword
  • forward
  • foreward


Q29. Identify the misspelled word in the list below.


  • Mischievous
  • Occurence – Correct Answer
  • Caribbean
  • Yacht


Q30. To come before is to _________, whereas to come after is to _________.


  • Preceed / Succeed
  • Precede / Secede
  • Preceed / Seceede
  • Precede / Succeed – Correct Answer


Q31. Do you have to use a copyright notation on all copies of your content for the web?


  • No. A copyright notation is no longer an absolute necessity of the Copyright Act. – Correct Answer
  • Yes. The copyright notation is necessary to protect the content.
  • No. As long as the website has a general copyright notation, it is not required to be placed below all content.


Q32. Select the correct sentence from among the following.


  • The person sitting besides the young boy is his father.
  • She looked all around the place to ensure nobody was watching her. – Correct Answer
  • People have been observing this ritual since ages. It is unlikely they will abandon it so easily.
  • The hall was jam-packed with people and yet things were so quite it seemed there was not a soul inside.


Q33. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct set of words from the options below.

The _________ was _________ for his unfair _________ of the book.


  • critique/critiqued/critique
  • critique/criticized/critic
  • critic/criticized/critic
  • critic/criticized/critique – Correct Answer


Q34. What happens if you type the words Certification -Networking in the Google search box?


  • Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification and also those that contain the word Networking.
  • Google shows all the web pages containing the words Certification and Networking.
  • Google shows all the web pages in which the words Certification and Networking appear together.
  • Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification, but do not contain the word Networking. – Correct Answer


Q35. Which of the following is/are attributes of good web content writing?

Use of an effective call to action

Use of humour on every web page

Generous use of keywords

Add images that add value


  • a and b
  • b and c
  • a and d – Correct Answer
  • b and d


Q36. Which of the following acts constitutes copyright infringement?


  • Reproducing facts or ideas.
  • Reproducing a work which is in the public domain.
  • Reproducing copyrighted material for “fair use”.
  • Reproducing copyrighted material on a free website. – Correct Answer


Q37. She may be an _______________, but she is as good as any professional photographer.


  • amature
  • amateur – Correct Answer
  • amatuer
  • immature


Q38. Two of the sentences given below have some mistakes. Select those sentences.


  • The actors’ convincing acting perfectly complimented the movie’s powerful storyline. – Correct
  • No sooner had the author enunciated his principal argument than a lively debate ensued among the participants of the seminar. – Correct
  • Waterborne diseases, as the term suggests, spread through contaminated water.
  • A hoard of people gathered outside the burning shop, making it difficult for the fire fighters to douse the flames.


Q39. Which of the following statements regarding Search Engine Optimization is/are true?


  • In the title tag, the keywords should be placed at the end
  • Including keywords in the anchor text is a good SEO strategy – Correct Answer
  • Keywords should never be used in the URL
  • All of the above are true


Q40. What is the best style of writing for online content?


  • Formal style
  • Conversational style
  • A mix of formal and conversational style
  • Depends on the target audience – Correct Answer


Q41. Which of the following is true in the context of Search Engine Optimization?


  • It is preferable to optimize one web page for only one keyword – Correct Answer
  • A keyword density of 15-20 % is regarded as optimum
  • The title of a web page should be at least 10 words long
  • It is best to concentrate the keywords in the middle of the web page

The method of optimising the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to a website or a web page is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Rather than direct or paid traffic, SEO focuses on unpaid traffic (also known as “normal” or “organic” results). Unpaid traffic can come from a variety of sources, including image, video, academic, and news searches, as well as industry-specific vertical search engines.

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