GreyCampus: Fullstack Development Foundation Program Exam Answers 2021

GreyCampus: Fullstack Development Foundation Program Exam Answers 2021

The process of becoming a full stack developer takes a lot of time, effort, and ability to specialise in both ends of the system, so it can be boring – but don’t let those minor setbacks stop you from achieving your dream of becoming a full stack developer. A Full Stack Developer is now a tech specialist who can work on both the frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) of a project. Full Stack Developers understand each layer of the technology stack that goes into creating a software product.

1. Which of these is called CSS universal selector?

  • . (dot)
  • $ (dollar)
  • # (hash)
  • (star)

2. What is the output of this code? function showMessage(from, text) { console.log( from + “: ” + text ); } showMessage(“Ann”);

  • Ann : false
  • Ann : no text
  • Ann : undefined
  • Ann : Hi

3. Functions are :

  • arrays
  • objects
  • lists
  • tags

4. Which one of the following is false?

  • “let” is an additional feature of ES6
  • “const” variables once declared is immutable
  • “let” variables can be updated
  • “var” variables cannot be re-declared

5. In a 3*3 grid , which code below will select the bottom right box from your perspective?

  • grid-column:2 grid-row:1
  • grid-column:3 grid-row:3
  • grid-column:2 grid-row:2
  • grid-column:1 grid-row:3

6. Which one of the following is introduced by grid layout as additional length unit?

  • px
  • em
  • fr
  • rem

7. To create a grid container we must declare display:grid or display:inline-grid :

  • True
  • False

8. Which of the following are flex-box container properties:

  • flex-direction
  • justify-content
  • align-content
  • All of the above

9. The web design is responsive when:

  • component size and component position is fixed irrespective of screen size
  • component size is flexible and component position is fixed
  • component size is fixed and component position is dynamic(flexible)
  • Both component size and component position is dynamic respective to screen size

10. Which of the following tag is used to attach an external CSS file to HTML file?

  • ‘img’ tag
  • ‘script’ tag
  • ‘link’ tag
  • ‘style’ tag

11. Consider the below code: Identify the correct code in order to fetch the value entered in the username text field?

< body>
< form name=”register”>
Enter username < input value=”John” id=”name”
< /form>
< /body>

  • document.getElementById (“name”).value
  • document.getElementByName (“name”).value
  • None of the above

12. What among the following is appropriate when an event occurs when the user clicks on an element?

  • onclick
  • onchange
  • onkeyup
  • onblur

13. In general, event handler is nothing but a:

  • function
  • interface
  • event
  • handler

14. Which element is at the top of the DOM tree-structure?

  • Window Object
  • Document Object
  • Form Object
  • Form Control Elements

15. How are the objects organized in the HTML DOM?

  • Class-wise
  • Queue
  • Tree-structure
  • Stack

16. The “function” and ” var” are known as:

  • Keywords
  • Data types
  • Declaration statements
  • Prototypes

17. Which of the following index refers to “cat” in array [”apple”, “ball” ,”cat” , “dog”]

  • 2
  • 3
  • -1
  • 0

18. When we assign margin-left:auto and margin-right:auto to an element, where will the element be placed :

  • Left side of the page.
  • Right side of the page.
  • Centre of the page.
  • The element from the page will be removed.

19. What is the output of this code ?

function checkAge(age) {
if (age >= 18) { return true;}
else { return (‘underaged’); } }

  • True
  • Underaged
  • Undefined
  • False

20. Which of the following is/are conditional statement(s)?

  • while
  • if-else
  • switch-case
  • Both B&C

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an HTML and XML document programming API. It specifies the logical structure of documents as well as how they are accessed and modified. DOM stands for Document Object Model. The HTML Document Object Model (DOM) is not a computer science definition. It’s a basic series of interfaces that web developers use to access and modify HTML or XML documents using JavaScript. The DOM’s unique ID is the most convenient way to access a single element. The getElementById() method of the document object can be used to grab an element by ID. The HTML element must have an id attribute in order to be accessed by ID.

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