How to take the Atkins’ Graduate Recruitment Situational Judgement Test


About Atkins Situational Judgement Tests

The Situational Judgment Test of Atkins will provide you with 13 distinct web-based situations that you might find throughout your Atkins work career. These situations are customized for Atkins and match them with Atkins’ principles and the characteristics and talents of a student applicant.

Each scenario was chosen and evaluated against top graduates of the business to guarantee that only the most worthy applicants enter the next step of the process. The exam is not scheduled. You have plenty of time to think about and reconsider your responses

Take this exam very seriously. You just got one shot. Company’s advice: it is preferable to take the exam in a peaceful location where you are uninterrupted. Read the instructions carefully, too. They offer a test question that shows you what to anticipate when you write the exam.

Atkins’ Graduate Application Process Stages

The procedure is intended to be simple and to enable you to show your suitability for Atkins’ job. They encourage you to get to know the business and pick the job that is most suited for your credentials and expertise. Due to the size and complexity of Atkins’ company, you may have several possibilities in different markets or locations. Atkins is looking for talent from across the world and supports worker diversity – whether you have a handicap or not.

Online Application

Once you have decided on your job, you must complete a brief registration procedure to give Atkins some basic information about you. The information you will have to give is basic general information about you and part of your history in school – standard application information, nothing out of ordinary.

Please note, only one application may be submitted each graduate recruiting cycle. That is essential, make sure that you do not have the role to play in multiple parts inside the same cycle.

Situational Judgement Test

You are now ready to take Atkins’ video online assessment (SJT). The exam is intended to evaluate your reactions to common circumstances once you are a graduate of Atkins. It includes a series of questions based on real-life work-related situations.

This exam is vital to proceed to the next stages in the recruiting process of Atkins. As such, your responses need to be cautious since you only get one opportunity to take this exam.

Our practice packets include situational judgment tests, SJTs are frequently told to be taken honestly, but the practice may assist you in identifying and understanding the proper reaction to various workplace scenarios.

Further Detailed Application

If you succeed in the scenario assessment exam, you will proceed to the next round of your complete online application. Detailed information about you, including experience, abilities, behavior, and the proven adequacy of the job you have applied for at Atkins, is needed.

Note that Atkins does not accept or take into account CVs.

The whole application area is your greatest chance to offer Atkins all the necessary information about you and in particular to promote your uniqueness.

Take the time to fill this part as precisely as necessary, as you would in a CV.

Tips for your application:

The business wants to know more about motivating and experiencing your interests

The business would ask you three questions in this connection

Include everything about your education, volunteering, organizations or groups in your application

This is also the opportunity to demonstrate what you know about Atkins, so do a lot of studies beforehand.

See the job description and demonstrate how you match the necessary skills and experience.

Ideally, your application should be tailored to your chosen Atkins position and industry

It would also be a strategically intelligent notion to look at the description of the team in the position. Write your responses to show why you fit ideally inside the team

In addition to the Atkins website, go for an additional milestone and seek the social media, blogs, or even meet them to explain any queries. Here are the key links:

InsideAtkins: Facebook: Twitter Follow: @InsideAtkins Add to Snapchat: NextGen Track Instagram: Atkins global Tracking LinkedIn: Atkins YouTube watch: Atkins. Atkins. Site: Search Search Atkins degrees

Explain your reason to join Atkins. If you, for example, get your professional certification from the appointment, mention so in the application.

Check the spelling and grammatical correctness of your application before submitting it

Numerical and Inductive Reasoning Tests

Time to grab your computer and go to a peaceful location again. Atkins will now ask you to do several brief tasks to evaluate your mathematical and logical abilities. Again, these exams must be passed to qualify for future recruiting stages. Therefore, apply your whole attention throughout the exam and use the entire time allowed. These tests may be prepared using numerical and logical testing (Both of these test types, and others, are included in our bundle pack).

Telephone Briefing Call

You will be invited to contact an Atkins recruiting adviser at a convenient time. This step is a telephone interview pretty much.

The business will want to know more about you on this call. The adviser will also provide you with additional information about the job you have applied for and on the following recruiting process. This is a wonderful chance to ask any questions, but do not ask anybody if they have not been ready or studied by the business, since this may make you seem unexpected.

Graduate Assessment Centre

The last stage!

You now have to show up at an Atkins office where you and other applicants are engaged in a series of activities. In this phase, you may also learn about Atkins’ work culture and its office environment.

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