Implementing Real Time Operating Systems – 2 MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Operating System

This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Implementing Real Time Operating Systems – 2″.

1. In a safety critical system, incorrect operation ____________
a) does not affect much
b) causes minor problems
c) causes major and serious problems
d) none of the mentioned

2. Antilock brake systems, flight management systems, pacemakers are examples of ____________
a) safety critical system
b) hard real time system
c) soft real time system
d) safety critical system and hard real time system

3. In a real time system the computer results ____________
a) must be produced within a specific deadline period
b) may be produced at any time
c) may be correct
d) all of the mentioned

4. In a ______ real time system, it is guaranteed that critical real time tasks will be completed within their deadlines.
a) soft
b) hard
c) critical
d) none of the mentioned

5. The amount of memory in a real time system is generally ____________
a) less compared to PCs
b) high compared to PCs
c) same as in PCs
d) they do not have any memory

6. Memory management units ____________
a) increase the cost of the system
b) increase the power consumption of the system
c) increase the time required to complete an operation
d) all of the mentioned

7. Some of the properties of real time systems include ____________
a) single purpose
b) inexpensively mass produced
c) small size
d) all of the mentioned

8. What is the priority of a real time task?
a) must degrade over time
b) must not degrade over time
c) may degrade over time
d) none of the mentioned

9. The technique in which the CPU generates physical addresses directly is known as ____________
a) relocation register method
b) real addressing
c) virtual addressing
d) none of the mentioned

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