In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which of the following types of printer’s marks align different separations in a color document?

Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test Answers 2021
  • Trim Marks
  • Registration Marks
  • Color Bars
  • Page Information

A printer’s logo, unit, icon, or insignia is a symbol that has been used as a hallmark since the 15th century by early printers. The dolphin and anchor, first used by Venetian printer Aldus Manutius in 1502 as his name, is one of the most well-known old printer’s marks. In October 1998, the database Printers’ Devices of the Ancient Book Section of the University of Barcelona Library was introduced. [three] The University of Florida libraries also provide internet connections to printers’ computers, including those from The University of Chicago, which have been featured on the cover of The Library Quarterly.

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