In Instagram Stories, you can add up to 10 text hashtags, to support discoverability. What are two techniques you could use the maximum number of hashtags while avoiding a cluttered look? (PICK TWO)

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Use line breaks to hide them at the bottom of the post’s description.

(B) Include them only in the Story’s metadata.

(C) Place a sticker overtop to hide them.

(D) Camouflage them by colour matching the text with a background colour.

(E) Add them to a comment in the comments section of the Story.



When adding a hashtag to an Instagram Story, you can now use a sticker, email, or a location tag to do so. The hashtag is placed directly on the image and, like all text and stickers, can be decorated. Even so, experimenting with hashtags in your Stories is worthwhile. Instagram users are limited to 30 hashtags per message, which includes both captions and comments.


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