Individual Instagram Stories have a limit of 15 seconds for video content. However, using Instagram’s segments tool, you can record a longer video. The Segments tool then automatically splices this longer video into 15 second segments, that will play consecutively for your viewers. To do this, simply:

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(A) Upload the longer video into the bulk uploader.

(B) Add the longer video segment into a branded template.

(C) Hold down the record button for the duration of your take.

(D) Enable ‘Segments’ under ‘Story Settings’.



You do not need to do any video editing yourself if you want to upload a video to Instagram Stories that is longer than 15 seconds. Instagram automatically divides the first minute of your video into 15-second chunks. You’ll need to use a third-party tool like CutStory if your video is longer than a minute.You’ll be able to upload videos ranges in size from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The upload limit is increased to 60 minutes if your account is checked or if you have a large number of followers.


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