Instructions & Instruction Sequencing MCQ’s

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This set of Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Instructions & Instruction Sequencing”.

1. The instruction, Add Loc,R1 in RTN is _______
a) AddSetCC Loc+R1
b) R1=Loc+R1
c) Not possible to write in RTN
d) R1<-[Loc]+[R1]

2. Can you perform an addition on three operands simultaneously in ALN using Add instruction?
a) Yes
b) Not possible using Add, we’ve to use AddSetCC
c) Not permitted
d) None of the mentioned

3. RTN stands for ___________
a) Register Transfer Notation
b) Register Transmission Notation
c) Regular Transmission Notation
d) Regular Transfer Notation

4. The instruction, Add R1,R2,R3 in RTN is _______
a) R3=R1+R2+R3
b) R3<-[R1]+[R2]+[R3]
c) R3=[R1]+[R2]
d) R3<-[R1]+[R2]

5. The two phases of executing an instruction are __________
a) Instruction decoding and storage
b) Instruction fetch and instruction execution
c) Instruction execution and storage
d) Instruction fetch and Instruction processing

6. While using the iterative construct (Branching) in execution _____________ instruction is used to check the condition.
a) TestAndSet
b) Branch
c) TestCondn
d) None of the mentioned

7. In a system, which has 32 registers the register id is __________ long.
a) 16 bit
b) 8 bits
c) 5 bits
d) 6 bits

8. The Instruction fetch phase ends with _________
a) Placing the data from the address in MAR into MDR
b) Placing the address of the data into MAR
c) Completing the execution of the data and placing its storage address into MAR
d) Decoding the data in MDR and placing it in IR

9. When using Branching, the usual sequencing of the PC is altered. A new instruction is loaded which is called as ______
a) Branch target
b) Loop target
c) Forward target
d) Jump instruction

10. The condition flag Z is set to 1 to indicate _______
a) The operation has resulted in an error
b) The operation requires an interrupt call
c) The result is zero
d) There is no empty register available

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