Let’s say you’re a Social Marketer, and you’re about to start curating content for your organization. You’re looking for tools that will help make this job more efficient and effective. Which of the following is NOT a feature you would generally look for in such a tool?

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Provides content insights into what’s performing best in your industry

(B) Search for relevant conversations happening on Twitter

(C) Receive lists of content and Twitter Influencers

(D) Search for popular articles that are trending on social

(E) List of topics to avoid sharing


The social customer develops campaigns and services with the aim of improving public health. The focus in social marketing is on the consumer’s wants and needs trying to dictate the marketing campaign’s course. Increased traffic, improved SEO, higher conversion rates, increased brand loyalty, and more can all be achieved with the right social media marketing strategy. There are almost no excuses for not integrating social media into your marketing campaign.


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