Let’s say you’re looking to increase the visibility of your company blog. What, in addition to SEO tactics, could you do to make it easy for people to organically find your previously published posts?

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Link internally to previously published blog posts

(B) Paid Boost via Google AdWords for underperforming posts

(C) None of these

(D) Embed pixels into all old blog posts

(E) Hire a skywriter and graffiti artist

(F) Email a blog link to all captured leads

(G) Republish old articles with different headlines




A corporate blog is a blog that is written and used by a company, agency, or other entity to achieve its objectives. Thanks to centralised hosting and typically organised discussion threads, blogs have the benefit of making posts and comments easy to find and track. A company’s exposure is one of the primary reasons for having a blog. Simply put, the more blog content you produce, the more chances you’ll have of appearing in search engines and driving organic traffic to your site. Blogs are the ideal forum for strengthening your SEO strategy.




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