Memory Locations and Addresses MCQ’s

Computer Architecture Electronics & Communication Engineering

This set of Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Memory Locations and Addresses”.

1. The collection of the above mentioned entities where data is stored is called ______
a) Block
b) Set
c) Word
d) Byte

2. An 24 bit address generates an address space of ______ locations.
a) 1024
b) 4096
c) 248
d) 16,777,216

3. The smallest entity of memory is called _______
a) Cell
b) Block
c) Instance
d) Unit

4. If a system is 64 bit machine, then the length of each word will be _______
a) 4 bytes
b) 8 bytes
c) 16 bytes
d) 12 bytes

5. When using the Big Endian assignment to store a number, the sign bit of the number is stored in _____
a) The higher order byte of the word
b) The lower order byte of the word
c) Can’t say
d) None of the mentioned

6. _____ method is used to map logical addresses of variable length onto physical memory.
a) Paging
b) Overlays
c) Segmentation
d) Paging with segmentation

7. The type of memory assignment used in Intel processors is _____
a) Little Endian
b) Big Endian
c) Medium Endian
d) None of the mentioned

8. To get the physical address from the logical address generated by CPU we use ____________
a) MAR
b) MMU
c) Overlays
d) TLB

9. During the transfer of data between the processor and memory we use ______
a) Cache
b) TLB
c) Buffers
d) Registers

10. Physical memory is divided into sets of finite size called as ______
a) Frames
b) Pages
c) Blocks
d) Vectors

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