Multiplier and Divider – 2 MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Linear Integrated Circuits

This set of Linear Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Multiplier and Divider – 2″.

1. Which circuit allows to double the frequency?
a) Frequency doubler
b) Square doubler
c) Double multiplier
d) All of the mentioned

2. Compute the output of frequency doubler. If the inputs Vx = Vsinωt and Vy = Vsin(ωt+θ) are applied to a four quadrant multiplier?
a) Vo= { Vx×Vy× [cosθ-(cosθ×cos2ωt)+(sinθ×sin2ωt)]}/ Vref
b) Vo= { Vx×Vy× [cosθ-(cosθ×cos2ωt)+(sinθ×sin2ωt)]}/ 2
c) Vo= { Vx×Vy× [cosθ-(cosθ×cos2ωt)+(sinθ×sin2ωt)]}/(2×Vref)
d) Vo= – { Vx×Vy× [cosθ-(cosθ×cos2ωt)+(sinθ×sin2ωt)]}/(2×Vref)

3. Determine the relationship between log-antilog method.
a) lnVx×lnVy = ln(Vx+Vy)
b) lnVx / lnVy = ln(Vx-Vy)
c) lnVx -lnVy = ln(Vx/Vy)
d) lnVx+ lnVy = ln(Vx×Vy)

4. How to remove the dc term produced along with the output in frequency doubler?
a) Use a capacitor between load and output terminal
b) Use a resistor between load and output terminal
c) Use a Inductor between load and output terminal
d) Use a potentiometer between load and output terminal

5. Calculate the output voltage of a squarer circuit, if it input voltage is 3.5v. Assume Vref = 9.67v.
a) 2.86v
b) 1.27v
c) 10v
d) 4.3v

6. Find the output voltage of squarer circuit?
a) Vo = √( Vref/|Vin|)
b) Vo = √( Vref×|Vin|)
c) Vo = √( Vref2×|Vin|)
d) Vo = √( Vref×|Vin|2)

7. Find the voltage range at which the multiplier can be used as a squarer circuit?
a) 0 – Vin
b) Vref – Vin
c) 0 – Vref
d) All of the mentioned

8. Which circuit can be used to take square root of a signal?
a) Divider circuit
b) Multiplier circuit
c) Squarer circuit
d) None of the mentioned

9. Find the current, IL flowing in the circuit given below

Find the current IL flowing in the circuit

a) IL = 1.777mA
b) IL = 1.048mA
c) IL = 1.871mA
d) None of the mentioned

10. A square root circuit build from multiplier is given an input voltage of 11.5v. Find its corresponding output voltage?
a) 11v
b) 15v
c) 13v
d) Cannot be determined

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