Organizations should have a Crisis Management Plan for social media. This plan should identify the keywords, hashtags, etc. that should be continually monitored, to proactively identify external issues before they spiral into a crisis. This component of a Crisis Management Plan is referred to as a _________.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Social Surveillance Best Practices

(B) Social Search Streams

(C) Social Media Monitoring Strategy

(D) Brand Awareness

(E) Social Media Listening Techniques




Things will travel at incredible speeds on social media. It’s not unusual for an Instagram post of an egg to go viral for no reason. However, occasionally, a PR crisis appears from no where. You have the greatest chance of surviving a social media incident if you plan advance. Have a strong plan in place, as well as a list of key stakeholders and their roles, as well as a consistent chain of command.


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