Phase Shift Method MCQ’s

Analog Communication Electronics & Communication Engineering

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Phase Shift Method”.

1. Which of the following determines carrier deviation in frequency modulation?
a) modulating voltage
b) modulating frequency
c) frequency deviation
d) modulating phase

2. Balance modulator is used to produce __________
a) DSB
b) VSB
c) AM
d) SSB

3. Which of the following is an indirect way of generating frequency modulated signals?
a) Armstrong modulator
b) Varacter diode modulator
c) Reactance FET modulator
d) Reactance modulator

4. Full AM signal is preferred over SSB in broadcasting purpose because ________
a) generation of full AM is easier
b) detection of full AM is simpler
c) requires large bandwidth
d) for both detection and generation of full AM

5. Which filter is used to get back the original signal from sampled signal?
a) low pass filter
b) high pass filter
c) band pass filter
d) band reject filter

6. FM signals can be generated by using ________
a) Varacter diode
b) Laser diode
c) Backward diode
d) Gunn diode

7. Which among the following is not necessarily the advantage of SSB over AM?
a) required bandwidth for SSB is low
b) less power handled
c) complex circuit
d) simple circuit

8. Carson’s rule is used to ________
a) calculate Bandwidth of FM signal
b) calculate SNR of FM signal
c) determine the carrier frequency
d) calculate Figure of merit of FM signal

9. Granular noise occurs in Delta Modulation, when ____________
a) pulse rate decreases
b) pulse amplitude decreases
c) modulating signal increases
d) modulating signal remains constant

10. DM stands for ________
a) Density Modulation
b) Delta Modulation
c) Double Side Band Modulation
d) Direct Modulation

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