Power Controls MCQ’s

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This set of Embedded System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Power Controls”.

1. Which of the following allows voltage reversing?
a) H bridge
b) Relays
c) LEDs
d) LCDs

2. Which devices have high drive capability?
a) transistor
b) fet
c) buffer pack
d) darlington amplifier

3. Which devices are used as indicators in a digital system?
a) LCD
b) LED
c) Varactor diode
d) Gunn diode

4. Which allows the switching of DC motor by using two outputs and four FETs?
a) transistor
b) H bridge
c) darlington pair
d) buffer pack

5. Which of the following generates a back EMF?
a) relay
b) buffer
c) transistor
d) FET

6. How is the biasing done in LEDs?
a) forward bias
b) no bias
c) supply voltage
d) reverse bias

7. Which of the following is used to create H bridge?
a) switches
b) led
c) capacitor
d) inductor

8. Which of the following can provide a speed control technique in the DC motor interfacing?
a) PCM
d) PWM

9. Which of the following is a current limiting device?
a) voltage
b) current
c) buffer
d) inductor

10. Which of the following is used to switch heavy loads?
a) fet
b) transistor
c) buffer pack
d) darlington pair

11. Which of the following is used to avoid the back EMF in the relay?
a) resistor
b) capacitor
c) inductor
d) diode

12. Which of the following can be used for providing high gain?
a) transistor
b) darlington transistor pair
c) resistor
d) capacitor

13. Which of the following can switch the current by a make or break contact?
a) transistor
b) relay
c) buffer
d) fet

14. Which of the following possesses some loops for providing timing functions?
a) hardware
b) software
c) timer
d) counter

15. Which of the following determines the brightness of LEDs?
a) current
b) voltage
c) resistance
d) conductance

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