Protection MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Operating System

This set of Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Protection”.

1. _______ is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users.
a) Role-based access control
b) Process-based access control
c) Job-based access control
d) None of the mentioned

2. For system protection, a process should access _____________
a) all the resources
b) only those resources for which it has authorization
c) few resources but authorization is not required
d) all of the mentioned

3. Which principle states that programs, users and even the systems be given just enough privileges to perform their task?
a) principle of operating system
b) principle of least privilege
c) principle of process scheduling
d) none of the mentioned

4. The protection domain of a process contains _____________
a) object name
b) rights-set
c) both object name and rights-set
d) none of the mentioned

5. Access matrix model for user authentication contains _____________
a) a list of objects
b) a list of domains
c) a function which returns an object’s type
d) all of the mentioned

6. For a domain _______ is a list of objects together with the operation allowed on these objects.
a) capability list
b) access list
c) both capability and access list
d) none of the mentioned

7. If the set of resources available to the process is fixed throughout the process’s lifetime then its domain is _____________
a) static
b) dynamic
c) neither static nor dynamic
d) none of the mentioned

8. Global table implementation of the matrix table contains _____________
a) domain
b) object
c) right-set
d) all of the mentioned

9. Which one of the following is capability based protection system?
a) hydra
b) cambridge CAP system
c) both hydra and cambridge CAP system
d) none of the mentioned

10. In UNIX, domain switch is accomplished via _____________
a) file system
b) user
c) superuser
d) none of the mentioned

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