Pymetrics Games: The Ultimate Guide & Practice for 2021


What is Pymetrics, what games are included, what each one measures, and how do I beat them?

Pymetrics has developed a new method to dramatically alter the rules of the pre-employment evaluation universe by using 12 different games and an AI tool. There will be no more question and answer examinations consisting solely of traditional responses.

This entire guide will walk you through all you must know about your opponents.

What is Pymetrics Test?

A sequence of 12 games, called the Pymetrics exam, which takes 25 minutes to complete, constitutes an online psychometric evaluation. In many different businesses, employers utilize it as a pre-employment screening to look for many different cognitive, social, and behavioral qualities in their prospective employees.

In contrast to “normal” psychometric exams, Pymetrics uses simple games with “innocent”-looking questions and answers. Maybe you may say that innocent is the last word you can use for these exceptionally sophisticated and complex games.

No more testing questions that may be answered “Yes” or “No.” There are no proper answers in Pymetrics assessments since they use unique AI algorithms to analyze behavior while playing a game. Are there or aren’t there?

But before we examine the results, let’s find out what precisely the Pymetrics assessment measures.

What Does the Pymetrics Assessment Measure?

To assess your personality, Pymetrics is observing your actions. It uses well-known psychological experiments and neuroscience games to assess where you stand on a wide range of traits.

Pymetrics analyses the 91 different traits to form your personality profile. This supposedly is a non-discriminatory method for evaluating candidates. Regardless of your background, gender, race, or school you went to, your behavior is what others see.

As described on the Pymetrics assessment website, personality, cognitive, and behavioral traits fall into these nine categories:




the process of learning risk tolerance

Until your profile is complete, what happens next? Your employer will know if you are the right fit for the job if you can provide specific answers to these questions.

How Does Pymetrics Test Work and How is it Scored?

Pymetrics Assessment is NOT numerically scored as you’re used to. Each employer who uses Pymetrics will first let their top employees play 12 games in each position. A benchmark is set for each position based on its performance. A type of ideal employee fingerprint. The “correct” score is now set to this fingerprint.

The rationale behind this technique is apparent. A competent salesman has a distinct personality from a software engineer. You must be emotionally good in sales, but in software it is maybe preferable to focus, focusing on detail and low-risk tolerance.

The personality profile of each candidate is compared with the benchmark profile of the specific position they apply for. The employer will obtain a complete report on the candidate’s suitability for the role for each contender.

Are Pymetrics Games Hard?

Basic, simple games with simple instructions are easy to run using Pymetrics games. The toughest thing is to grasp how to play every game. You will confront many decisions, each of which will have an impact on your personality profile. Decide what to do is a difficult assignment, therefore you have to grasp what lies behind every game.

And even if you grasp the psychological reasoning behind each game, how can you know exactly what your employer is searching for? How are candidates refused? What is the foundation behind this?

It’s not only difficult but incredibly annoying. The first step is to know the games and what measurements everybody measures.

Pymetrics Games – the Complete 12 Games List

Balloon Game

Your task in the Pymetrics Balloon is to pump balls. Each pump is going to earn you money. You can collect your earned money at any time and advance to the next ballon. If you pump too much, the ball will explode and all the money collected for this ballon would be lost.

Major characteristics measured:

Tolerance to risk

Recognition of Impulsivity

 Pattern Decision

Tower Game

The Pymetrics Tower Game is a popular version of the Hanoi Towers. You’ll have three towers piled with different colors and an illustration of how the towers look like.

Your job is to re-organize the discs as few movements as possible for example.

Major characteristics measured:


Money Exchange Game #1

In the Pymetrics Money Exchange game #1 (there is a second game, more on the following section). You are advised to cooperate with another “participant” by chance. The game begins with you earning $10

You can then transfer whatever money that you desire to your “participating” colleague. Once you are transferred, the amount you transfer will treble.

Money Exchange Game #2

The second Pymetrics Money Exchange game may appear like the previous game, but it’s pretty different.

Again, you have been told you are coupled with a random member and that you and your partner receive $5 this time. Only one of you will then earn an additional $5. You now have the chance to give your partner some more money and to assess the fairness of the transaction. If you think about the original money exchange game, you may suppose it ends here, but that’s not the case.

You’re playing a second-round and you both earn $5 again and only get the extra $5. This time, you have to determine how much you transfer or take from your spouse. Then the fairness of this deal is assessed.

Keypress Game

The Pymetrics Keypress game is straightforward. Nearly TOO simple. All you have to do here is to press a key as often as you can in a particular moment on your keyboard. This harmless game is about your ability to read instructions.

You must begin to press ONLY when you are requested and cease when you are requested.

Hard or Easy Task Game

In this game, you confront two choices – do an easy task which you can most certainly complete or a hard one that is more difficult to complete. You earn less money for the easy work than you would for the tough task. The secret here is that you have a varied chance of earning this money each time. This means, for example, that you might make a lot of effort and finish up with no money.

Digits Memory Game

You are required to memorize as many digits as possible in the Pymetrics Digits game. The numbers flash fast on your screen and you will have to remember them once finished and write them in the proper order.

In every round, the number of numbers will rise by one, making it more and more difficult to remember as you go.

Stop Game

This game has a simple rule – just push the spacebar when you have a red circle on your screen. What makes it difficult is that you see both red and green circles, and they flicker on your screen fast.

Arrows Game

You may observe several sets of flashing arrows in this Pymetrics Arrows game. You have to react differently for each set, following two rules:

If the arrows are blue or black, the direction of the center arrow must be indicated.

If the arrows are red, the direction of the side arrows must be indicated.

Lengths Game

In each round, a sketch of a face with a short mouth or a largemouth is displayed. You have to discover what it is for each round and respond accordingly. This is a tough game, as the lengths of the small and long mouths are fairly close. Unless you look at both at once, it is practically difficult to differentiate.

Cards Game

You will have to draw cards from four decks in this game. You will either win money or lose money with each draw. You aim to get as much money as possible till the conclusion of the game.

Faces Game

This is a very unusual game because it is not about your cognitive skills, but about your emotional skills. Fotos of faces with varied emotions is displayed. Some of the photos are accompanied by a small text that describes a scene. Your job is to find out what the individual is experiencing in the image.

How Important are the Pymetrics Games?

The games of Pymetrics are quite significant. People tend to underestimate them – it’s only a game, what could be the worst? They know little that firms are rejecting a large number of applicants based on these games alone. This implies you won’t get the chance to impress in an interview if you’re not properly prepared.

Can You Redo Pymetrics?

The Pymetrics games can be played just once every 330 days – almost once a year. More significantly, all the firms you apply for are eligible for your scores. This demonstrates how serious these games are. You have just one opportunity to get it properly.

How Do You Do a Pymetrics Test?

The games of Pymetrics are played online. You will receive an e-mail with a link to the registration page from your employer. You must go to the Pymetrics login page, log on to the platform, and start playing games after you create a user. Your company will receive a full report after finishing the games, including a suggestion.

What Companies Use Pymetrics?

JP Morgan, Unilever, Mastercard, BCG, Accenture, and Blackstone are the largest companies using Pymetrics. Pymetrics is used most in financial and consulting industries, where there is fierce competition. But we see an increasing number of companies choosing this as a solution for efficiently screening a large number of candidates.

Is Pymetrics Accurate?

The Pymetrics games are based on psychologically verified experiments. They were tested over and over and over, and the more accurate the algorithm is. Be careful that the report you receive after the games is not the same as that your employer receives. Your employer has a precise personality idea

How Long is Pymetrics?

Approximately 25 minutes.

The Pymetrics test consists of 12 games, each lasting around 2-3 minutes. You can opt to break between games, but it takes around 25 minutes to complete if you don’t.

How Do I Prepare for a Pymetrics Test?

Understand every game, what’s behind it and what measurements it measures.

Search for your employer and attempt to grasp the traits you want for your unique role in your workers.

Make that all keyboard keys, particularly the spacebar, operate correctly.

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