Representation of Floating Number MCQ’s

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This set of Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Representation of Floating Number”.

1. The numbers written to the power of 10 in the representation of decimal numbers are called as _____
a) Height factors
b) Size factors
c) Scale factors
d) None of the mentioned

2. If the decimal point is placed to the right of the first significant digit, then the number is called ________
a) Orthogonal
b) Normalized
c) Determinate
d) None of the mentioned

3. The decimal numbers represented in the computer are called as floating point numbers, as the decimal point floats through the number.
a) True
b) False

4. ________ constitute the representation of the floating number.
a) Sign
b) Significant digits
c) Scale factor
d) All of the mentioned

5. In IEEE 32-bit representations, the mantissa of the fraction is said to occupy ______ bits.
a) 24
b) 23
c) 20
d) 16

6. The 32 bit representation of the decimal number is called as ___________
a) Double-precision
b) Single-precision
c) Extended format
d) None of the mentioned

7. The sign followed by the string of digits is called as ______
a) Significant
b) Determinant
c) Mantissa
d) Exponent

8. The normalized representation of 0.0010110 * 2 9 is _______
a) 0 10001000 0010110
b) 0 10000101 0110
c) 0 10101010 1110
d) 0 11110100 11100

9. In 32 bit representation the scale factor as a range of ________
a) -128 to 127
b) -256 to 255
c) 0 to 255
d) None of the mentioned

10. In double precision format, the size of the mantissa is ______
a) 32 bit
b) 52 bit
c) 64 bit
d) 72 bit

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