SEMrush Role Of Content Exam Questions and Answers 2021

SEMrush Role Of Content Exam Questions and Answers 2021

The term “SEO” refers to the process of optimising a website so that it can be found conveniently using search engines such as Google. Any material that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web is referred to as “content” (more on the various types of content below). Content is crucial for SEO because without it, search engines would be unable to properly index your pages and assist you in ranking. SEO content increases your search engine exposure, which increases traffic to your website and allows people to buy your goods or services.

Q.1 – What are the most important aspects of content for SEO? Choose two correct answers.


  • (A) Addressing user needs
  • (B) Publishing high-quality content
  • (C) Publishing high volumes of content
  • (D) Publishing more content than your competitor


Q.2 – Which of these is the most important aspect of links to your site?


  • (A) They are inexpensive
  • (B) They are freely given
  • (C) They use rich anchor text
  • (D) They link to money pages on your site


Q.3 – What do our case studies about links as a ranking factor show us?


  • (A) If you get links too quickly it can hurt you
  • (B) You should focus all of your content efforts on data research reports
  • (C) Links obtained via 301 redirects are not helpful
  • (D) If links are organically owned it’s OK if you get a lot of them very quickly


Q.4 – How do we balance comprehensive content with the desire for easy-to-navigate websites?


  • (A) Decide on one or the other, you can’t have both
  • (B) Prioritize depth of content first, it’s more important
  • (C) Invest in CX and UX and content depth and breadth so you can give users both
  • (D) Prioritize UX and CX first, it’s more important


Q.5 – What are some of the benefits of informational content? Pick the three best answers.


  • (A) It can increase your visibility
  • (B) It can enhance your brand
  • (C) It can build your reputation
  • (D) It can increase the number of pages on your site that are a ranking factor


Q.6 – How can improving your EAT help your business? Choose the three best answers.


  • (A) Get more links to your content
  • (B) Get more leads as Google uses it as a ranking factor
  • (C) Improve your conversion rates
  • (D) Get more shares of your content

Q.7 – Why do people link to you?


  • (A) To make money via what you pay them
  • (B) To help you make money
  • (C) Because helping their site users by linking to great content increases those users’ affinity for their business
  • (D) Because Google ranks sites that link out higher


Q.8 – What are some of the ways you can filter links in SEMrush? Choose three answers.


  • (A) Sort them by the price per link
  • (B) Limit the number of links per domain
  • (C) Filter our NoFollow/Sponsored/UGC links
  • (D) Sort them by PageScore


Q.9 – What are the downsides of using a blog to publish evergreen content? Choose two answers.


  • (A) Many pages on a blog are “overhead” pages that Google won’t want to index
  • (B) Blog platforms show content based on age, not on importance and relevance
  • (C) Blogs make publishing too easy
  • (D) Google doesn’t like blogs

The content should provide the reader with valuable and useful knowledge. For example, if the content’s primary goal is to highlight a company’s products and services, the details given should instruct the reader about what these products and services do and why they’re beneficial. The type of content that carries the most weight on your website and blog, as described in our blog on ideal duration, is informative content. It’s where you’ll find information about your entire business. Although these articles are usually classified as long-form material (1,200 words or more), this isn’t always the case.

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