Since a business cannot follow their Facebook followers directly, it’s important to build a community and demonstrate customer care by _______________.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) sharing lots of new content and promotional materials each day

(B) responding to questions and comments from customers on your Facebook post’s comment threads quickly and thoughtfully

(C) all of these

(D) requesting to follow your business’ Facebook followers from your own personal account

(E) sending each new follower a standardized, formal Facebook message to thank them



Yes, using advanced Facebook software on third-party sites like MobileMonkey, you can use Facebook Messenger to send a message to anyone on your Facebook contact list. When you add someone as a friend, you are immediately followed by them, and they are followed by you. You’ll see stories that someone you’re not connected with has posted publicly in your News Feed if you follow them. If you’ve allowed others to follow you, go to your profile, select Friends below your cover photo, and then Followers to see a list of your followers.


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