The best method for determining future social media targets is to establish benchmarks. You can do this by __________________.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) extrapolating data from past efforts to estimate future success

(B) summing the anticipated revenue accruing from this year’s social media objectives

(C) taking your organization’s net revenue and dividing it by revenue directly attributable to social media channels

(D) asking competitors to share their analytics reports so that you have a frame of reference

(E) making an educated guess based on the phases of the moon

(F) Upload benchmark reports from Google Analytics into your organization’s CRM



Social networking sites are becoming extremely prevalent. More than 80% of the 4.66 billion people on the planet with internet access use social media… and this number is projected to rise! We used to be content with likes from friends and family; now, we exchange tips and skills, promote programmes, purchase products, and so on.Many well-known businesses, related to food manufacturers to large automobile manufacturers, already interact with customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some businesses have also discarded their websites in favour of social media.


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