Thyristors MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechatronics

This set of Mechatronics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Thyristors”.

1. An SCR is a ____
a) semiconductor device
b) full conductor device
c) inductor device
d) bidirectional device

2. An SCR is a bidirectional device.
a) True
b) False

3. How many layers and junctions does an SCR have?
a) Four layers and three junctions
b) Three layers and four junctions
c) Three layers and three junctions
d) Four layers and four junctions

4. The SCR is controlled through ____
a) anode
b) cathode
c) gate
d) anode and cathode

5. Gate loses control when the SCR starts conducting.
a) True
b) False

6. What are the main components used in a snubber circuit?
a) Resistors
b) Capacitors
c) Transistors
d) Resistors and Capacitors

7. What is the relation between the firing angle of SCR and the output?
a) Directly proportional to each other
b) Inversely proportional to each other
c) Independent of each other
d) Both are zero

8. What is the use of Fast acting current limiting fuses?
a) To protect SCR from over current
b) To turn on SCR
c) To increase the flow of current
d) To stop the current

9. An SCR is a ____
a) N-P-N device
b) N-P-N-P device
c) P-N-P-N device
d) P-N-P device

10. Which among the following are not the parts of SCR?
a) Anode
b) Cathode
c) Gate
d) Base

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