Velocity Sensors MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechatronics

This set of Mechatronics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Velocity Sensors”.

1. What is the unit in which tachometers measure velocity?
a) Revolution per minute
b) Meter per second
c) Kilometer per hour
d) Rotation per minute

2. Which type of tachometer contain primary and secondary stators with fixed windings?
a) AC tachometers
b) DC tachometers
c) Alternating tachometers
d) Brushless tachometers

3. Which type of velocity sensor has a fixed permanent magnet attached to it?
a) Pyroelectric type
b) Piezoelectric type
c) Moving coil type
d) Stationary coil type

4. For what purpose, a “tachometer” is used?
a) It is used for calculating velocity in revolution per minute
b) It is used for calculating the number of revolutions
c) It is used for calculating velocity in revolution per second
d) It is used for calculating the velocity in rpm and number of revolutions

5. Accelerometer can be used to measure the tilt.
a) True
b) False

6. _______ velocity sensor is a type of velocity sensor
a) Infrared
b) Proximitor
c) Piezoelectric
d) Ultrasonic

7. The Laser surface velocimeter works on dopplers principle.
a) True
b) False

8. What does RPM stand for?
a) Rotation per minute
b) Revolution per minute
c) Rounds per minute
d) Rotation per millisecond

9. LSV in terms of velocity measurement stands for ________
a) Laser Surface Velocimeter
b) Laser Surface Velocity meter
c) Linear Surface Velocimeter
d) Linear Surface Velocity meter

10. Which is a type of velocity sensor?
a) MSP430G2ET
b) CMCP793V-500
c) MPU 6050
d) L298N

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