What element of a crisis management plan defines the process that should unfold once an issue or crisis is identified? Hint: it also includes information about team members who should be engaged, when to pause publishing activities, and who decides when a crisis is over and normal social media operations can resume?

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Conditional (“If-Then”) Branches

(B) Decision Tree

(C) Venn Diagram

(D) None of these

(E) Flow Chart

(F) Hypothetical Imperatives


Unlike risk management, which entails evaluating possible risks and determining the best ways to prevent them, crisis management entails coping with threats before, during, and after they occur. It is a discipline within the larger perspective of management that consists of the skills and techniques needed to recognise, evaluate, appreciate, and cope with a severe situation, particularly from the moment it arises until recovery procedures are initiated.


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