When pitching your budget to decision makers, focus on conveying two things: First, demonstrate ROI from the current year, and second:

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) highlight shortcomings caused by lack of budget in the previous year.

(B) showcase your top performing content from the previous fiscal year.

(C) emphasize how much more efficient your team is with resources than the company as a whole.

(D) emphasize how much your team deserves, given how hard they work.

(E) showcase the value of the initiatives, campaigns, and goals you have in mind for the coming year.



The budget process is a management and decision-making cycle that is often referred to as the “budget cycle.” Plan requests, budget reviews, budget submissions, budget approval, budget implementation, accounting, auditing, and input to the next budgeting process are all part of the process. The source of funds is determined by the funding decision. Loans, sponsors, and retained earnings are common sources of project funding.


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