Which of the following is not a “usage rights” option?

Google Certification 2021

(A) Not filtered by usage rights

(B) Free to use or share

(C) Free to use or share and edit

(D) Free to use or share or modify even commercially


The choice “Free to use or share and edit” is not the same as “usage privileges.” Many of the other choices are legitimate use rights choices. Usage rights are permissions given by an artist to use something for a specific reason and for a specific period of time. For example, I allow my clients to print images for personal use/wedding invitations/etc., as well as post them on social media as much as they want. You can buy the permission as explained in your agreement when you download a stock picture or subscribe to a platform for stock imagery access. These are your permissions to use the content. Copyright may be particularly perplexing in the era of social media, where we can see hundreds of images every day.

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