Which of the following options is/are available in the preset details when creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test Answers 2021
  • Number of Artboards.
  • Orientation,
  • Color Mode,
  • None of the above.


To begin, open the Illustrator document you want to work on. Then select “Document Setup” from the main File tab. This will open a new window with a number of document-specific options. To see all of the artboards in your project, click “Edit Artboards.” Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI) is a proprietary file format created by Adobe Systems for displaying single-page vector-based drawings in EPS or PDF formats. Adobe Illustrator uses the. ai filename extension. The AI file format was originally known as PGF, which was a native format.

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