Which of the following statements are correct about importing AutoCAD files in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test Answers 2021
  • AutoCAD tiles saved in versions later than AutoCAD 2007 cannot be opened in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017).
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) supports only the .DWG AutoCAD file format.
  • While importing an AutoCAD file in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). you can scale the file and select the layout to import,
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) supports 2d AutoCAD objects, including paths, lines, texts but not 3D objects.

Drawing (. Dwg) files are the native data files generated by AutoCAD-based applications. When saving to a file, each AutoCAD-based product uses a particular file format by default, which is useful to know when sharing files. DWG TrueView is a freeware viewer software from Autodesk. In addition to opening DWG files, the program also allows you to plot, create PDFs, and convert between different DWG formats. DXF files can also be opened, viewed, and plotted with DWG TrueView.

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