Working safely on Upwork should be your #1 priority. This includes never starting to work on a job unless you already have a contract in place with your client. Which of the following statements about starting to work on a job is true?

Upwork Readiness Test Answers for new Upwork Freelancers 2021
  • Start the work as soon as the client has sent you a message through Upwork
  • Start the work only once the client has sent you an offer, you have accepted the offer on the platform, and your contract appears in the My Jobs > All Contracts tab

A client is a device or application that relies on submitting a request to another programme, computer hardware, or software to access a service provided by a server as part of its operation (which may or may not be located on another computer). When you first meet a client, smile to show them that you are delighted to see them and are looking forward to working with them. When the client talks with you, make eye contact, give a firm handshake, and listen carefully. You can also project a calm and concentrated demeanour.

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