You are taking photos for Instagram, using your phone’s camera, and lighting conditions are not optimal (too bright or too dark). What is the best way to compensate for this, before taking your photo?

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020

(A) Turn HDR off and enable the flash.

(B) Turn on the manual focus and adjust the contrast setting.

(C) Tap on your subject and adjust the exposure slider onscreen.

(D) Enable the 4K feature which will automatically adjust brightness.


Editing apps can brighten a photo that is too dim, but there is little that can correct an overdone photo.  Change the lighting on your computer to prevent dryness: Using your finger, tap and slide up or down to Another way to stop overexposure is to change the brightness before recording by tapping your finger on the darkest part of the picture (in this case, the windows).


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