Your proposal is often your first interaction with a potential client. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and show the client why you’re the best professional for the job. What are the best practices for submitting a winning proposal through Upwork? (Please check all that apply.)

Upwork Readiness Test Answers for new Upwork Freelancers 2021
  • Write a personal and professional greeting
  • Describe your relevant experience in key areas listed in the job post – demonstrate you’ve read it
  • Outline how you would approach and complete the job
  • Respond to any screening questions listed in the job post
  • Copy and paste your proposal to submit as many proposals as possible in a short time

A potential customer is someone who could buy something. This person has a good chance of purchasing that item. ‘Need or want’ – need is a requirement, whereas want is a preference. Food, for example, is a requirement, whereas a sandwich is a desire. If a prospective client demands something that is outside of your current skill set, you should probably refuse the job unless it is something you could quickly learn before the deadline. Even so, you shouldn’t test out the new skill on a brand-new client the first time.

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